Confession for September 11th

One: We come this day remembering—
All: remembering horror, grief, fear;
remembering lives lost, communities changed, a nation wounded.
We close our eyes and can still see the images.
We open our eyes and see the aftermath,
still smoldering after 10 years.
One: O God, we still carry pain, we still look for your presence in tragedy.
All: And we confess that we have also used our pain to justify hurting others.
We have lashed out, seeking safety, but have not found it.
So we confess to you, O God,
that our efforts have not brought what we are looking for.
Heal us now, O God.
Renew our vision, our hearts, our center.
Bring us your peace.
Move us from where we are,
from where we’ve been,
to where you would have us go.
We pray in the name of Christ, the prince of peace.


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