Sunday’s Coming: working toward January 22

Hello, worshipping friends! How are you this week? Are you weathering the storms, enjoying (or enduring) the snow, plotting a vacation? Whatever you’re doing, we hope you’re also looking forward to Sunday! We’re ready to create something new–are you?

Maybe this week you’re thinking that Paul’s admonition that time is short may not have been about history, but about something else. Or maybe it is–is time short? What does that look like in liturgy?

Maybe you’re pondering good ol’ Jonah and his experience–foreign to many preachers, heehee!–of giving a message and having people do exactly what he says!

Maybe you’re wondering if there’s a creative way to approach the call of the disciples. After all, we’re all called, but we also hear these stories all the time. What ways might we use liturgy and music to let this story speak to us in this time and place in a powerful way?

Maybe you’re praying with the psalmist, being reminded that God alone is the source of our life and faith.

Maybe you’re participating in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity this Sunday (or another day during the week). We know about the resources over at textweek, but what else do you wish you had for a Christian Unity theme? What new things can we unite to write together?

Whatever your direction, join us here to create together!


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