LiturgyLink is moving!

Dear LiturgyLink Community,

After nearly a year of creating together on, we’ve finally got our own site set up! Come join us at, where our work for the relentless return of Sunday continues. Sadly, your old RSS feeds and email subscriptions will not work anymore, so you’ll need to resubscribe via FeedBurner here.

If you have any questions about this transition, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you or help! Email us at or comment on this post.

Yours in creating community,
The LiturgyLink Team



It’s almost time for the full roll out of liturgy link! Do you want to be part of our community creating for the relentless return of Sunday?

Beginning Reformation Day (October 31) come to Liturgy Link throughout the week for conversation about the coming Sunday, brainstorming for future seasons and Sundays, and liturgy submissions from you and your colleagues around the world!

Do you write liturgy? Do you love creating communion prayers, children’s sermons, sharing hymn ideas, or finding new ways to call people to worship/confession/prayer? Send it to us and share it with the world! Also follow us on twitter (@liturgylink) and/or like us on facebook for more updates and conversation!

10.31.11 : semper reformanda!

what we’re up to

We seek to inspire the work of the people by designing an online space for creative collaboration and sharing of liturgy.  In turn, this resource will inspire new ideas and equip pastors and congregations for the renewal of common worship. We hope you’ll join us, sharing your original liturgies, your liturgy needs, and your creative ideas.

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