confession: we know, yet…

A prayer of confession written by youth reflecting on Matthew 25.34-40.
Submitted by Rev. Teri Peterson, Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church

One: God, we know your commandments,
we read your story,
we can recite the Golden Rule.
All: Yet every day we ignore you,
every day we forget,
every day we need your forgiveness.
One: We confess that we are not as perfect
as we would like to think.
All: We confess that we often act in ways
contrary to your will.
One: It is only through our savior Jesus Christ
that we can live the way you call us to.
All: Help us again to listen, to follow, to live.


Sunday’s Coming: working toward November 20

Ah, Christ the King Sunday. Reign of Christ Sunday. Last Sunday of the liturgical calendar. The day no one knows what to do with. What just happened here? Sunday. Another One Of These Again? Sunday. It’s Almost Advent! Sunday. Thanksgiving Sunday.

So many different names for this one…

Where are you, liturgically? Lectionarily? Musically?

Perhaps you’re pondering just what more the sheep could want than to be cared for by the most attentive shepherd ever recorded (thanks, Ezekiel, for the imagery!).

Perhaps you’re ending the liturgical year on a bang, making a joyful noise to the Lord and entering his courts with thanksgiving.

Maybe you’re pondering our inheritance, giving thanks for the work of ministry, or wondering just what it means that Christ is head of the church…(oh, Ephesians, could you pack any more stuff into so relatively few verses?)

Or are you working on that perennial favorite, the sheep and the goats?


Perhaps you have a Thanksgiving theme with an off-lectionary text–what are you working with?

Over at my (Teri) church, we’re pondering Christ the King through the lens of the Lion King and part of the Matthew reading. Never let it be said that we can’t use our imaginations!

So–what are you pondering this week? What prayers do you need? What litanies are you writing? What hopes and dreams are you exploring? What music do you need?

Put your ideas, your sparks, your beautiful turns of phrase and your words that still need work…we want it all!…in the comments, and let’s get this liturgy party started!