prayer of illumination for Christmastide

submitted by Rev. Andy James, First Presbyterian Church, Whitestone, New York

God of light,
you have revealed your very self to us in your son Jesus Christ,
your one Word made flesh, who lived among us, full of grace and truth.
Open us to your revelation once again,
that in the words of your holy scripture
we might know your presence and follow in your light always.



illumination: either way

God of newness,
we want to be ready…
we want to make room for you…
we want our lives to be changed by your advent.
So speak to us in our busy-ness and our quietness…
our uneven-ness and our level-ness…
our roughness and our smoothness…
so that, either way, your glory might be revealed to us.

illumination: light

Holy God,
At times, we feel as if we’re completely in the dark.
We don’t recognize that your light is always around us,
Until we realize that it’s not that we’re standing in the dark…
It’s that our eyes are shut tight…
And our hands are placed firmly and completely over them.
So give us the courage to remove our hands from our face,
And to open our eyes…
So that we may see clearly, live fully, and serve freely…

illumination: as if we are ready…

Submitted by Rev. Scott Cervas, Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Church

Holy God,
speak to us, as if we are ready to listen;
show us, as if we are ready to see;
and send us, as if we are ready to go and be and do.