call to worship – based on Psalm 111

submitted by Michael Morgan, organist, Central Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia; seminary musician, Columbia Theological Seminary; and author of the Psalter for Christian Worship

One: Praise the Lord! In the company of the saints above and beside us, let us give thanks to the Lord our God!
All: Great are the works of the Lord, full of honor and majesty,  whose righteousness endures forever.
One: The Lord is gracious and merciful; the work of God’s hands are faithful and just.
All: God’s covenant is established forever in truth and justice.
One: Our redemption is in the name of our Lord.
All: Holy and awesome is God’s name in all the earth!

Sunday’s Coming: working toward January 29

Maybe this week you’re particularly praying for God to put words in your mouth, to raise up a prophet…it’s the middle of winter for many of us, and it’s that part of the Epiphany season when we’re getting tired of the first chapter of Mark and simultaneously our minds are occupied with Lent planning. In many churches (well, okay, mine anyway!) it’s also chili cook-off season…which brings to mind Paul’s discourse on food. Perhaps when someone asks for your secret chili ingredient, you can say “knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” (ha!) Or maybe you’ll seriously take it on–part of our constant seeking for both holiness and wholeness (of ourselves and community) means thinking about even mundane things. Or maybe you think this aspect of Scripture and everyday life needs to be addressed.

Are you continuing with Mark, the demons who know Jesus, the command to be silent, and the amazement at Jesus’ authority?

Or is this perhaps a week you just need some good news–the kind you can find in the Psalm with its praise, promise, and remembering?

Whatever you’re working on this week, we’re here to create worship together. Drop in to the comments with your ideas, seeds of ideas, words or phrases, hymn ideas, or liturgical resources we need to know about, so we can join in the creative process together!