Benediction in Four Voices

Submitted by Laura Viau, Orlando, FL (MDiv student at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary)

(Based on Luke 4:16-19, Matt 28:16-20, Micah 6:8, Acts 1:4-8)

Reader 1. When Jesus began his ministry he read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah:
Reader 2. The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim Good News to the poor; he has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the captives free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.
Reader 1.He prayed for his disciples to continue that ministry.
Reader 3. And for all the generations to come.
Reader 4: That we might help others know God.
ALL: And what does the Lord require of us?
Reader 4: Go and make disciples
Reader 2: Teaching them all I have commanded
Reader 1: Walk humbly with your God
Reader 3: And You will receive power.
Reader 4: Act justly
Reader 1: Love Mercy
Reader 4: Proclaim the Good News
Reader 2: And I will be with you
ALL: What does the Lord require of you?
Reader 4: Go and make disciples
Reader 2: Love your neighbor,
Reader 1: in Jerusalem
Reader 3: Judea and Samaria
Reader 4: And to the ends of the earth
Reader 2: Baptizing them in the name of the Father
Reader 3: and of the Son
Reader 1: and of the Holy Spirit.
ALL: You will receive power
Reader 2: And I will be with you
Reader 4: Giving sight to the blind
Reader 1: Setting free the oppressed
Reader 3: Proclaiming freedom for the prisoners
ALL: What does the Lord require of you?
Reader 4: Act
Reader 1: Wait
Reader 3:Give
Reader 2: Love
Reader 1: Teach
Reader 4: Go
Reader 3: Walk
Reader 2: And surely I will be with you, even to the very end of the age.


Pastoral Prayer – Based on Psalm 111

Submitted by Laura Viau, Orlando, FL (MDiv student at University of Dubuque Theological Seminary)

With our whole hearts, we praise you, Lord.
We lift up our alleluias as people who gather to sing and proclaim,
As people who gather to confess and to remember Your redeeming work
As people who gather read and tell of your mighty works,
of your faithfulness and
of your grace.

All glory belongs to you, God.
You are gracious and compassionate.
You provide for us all that we need,
Remembering your promise to hear when we call,
To answer when we knock, and
To reveal yourself when we seek you.

You have revealed your power to us in so many ways:
You heal the sick
You calm the frightened
You bring peace to the grieving
You change the course of our lives

We ask that you reveal you power again today for those on our hearts and minds….

We lift these names to you. To you they are much more than names-
They are your precious children
They are parents, sisters, brothers, children, bosses, employees, aunts, uncles…
They are yours. You know every detail of their lives, far better than we do.
You know their needs.

We can trust you with our prayers,
not only because we know you have the power to answer,
but because we have seen that you are faithful and just.
The promises we claim today are the same as those your
people have claimed across the generations

Through your Son, you have redeemed your people.
You bring beauty and good from what we -in our brokenness and ignorance –
have intended for evil.
And in time, you will redeem the world,
Bringing an end to death
And the beginning of an eternity of worship
When every tribe, tongue and nation will sing songs of praise

Until then, we wait.

Help us not to spend our days looking up at the sky.
Send your Spirit that we might see the world as you do,
Fill us with your compassion for those in need
Of shelter, of a friend, or of an advocate
Send us to the brokenhearted, the discarded
and those who are hungry for the transformation only you can bring.

While our hearts cry Come Lord Jesus,
let our hands reveal your presence in the world we inhabit.

We ask these things in the name of Jesus, who taught us to pray saying
Our Father, who art in heaven….